About me: Artist with father Martin and painting used to illustrate book cover for "Circle of Stones"

Mary with Martin and Tribute painting used to illustrate biography “Circle of Stones” 2010

I am a Potts Point based artist. I was a social worker and researcher before I was an artist. The sum of my work and life experiences informs my art focus on depicting people, narrative and community. I aim to capture figuratively a brief moment in time – an “essence” of a person, moment and context. I also make a form of commemorative art called Tribute-Art which celebrates people’s lives and creates a permanent legacy. My current body of work focuses on Potts Point Propinquity – where I Live at postcode 2011.

I can create a personalised work of art which celebrates a special event or milestone in your life – a wedding, a christening, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, graduation or significant birthday.

I also create “Tribute-Art” which focuses on providing a commemoration, remembrance  or tribute of a person, a pet, a place or an event.  Your descriptive material – photos or other possessions, everyday objects,  heirloom and verse which hold significance – can be transformed into art works. My work is collaborative, helping individuals and families to mark significant events in their lives by the creation of works of art.  Each art work is unique and personalised. I can also run groups over a period of weeks to help individuals create their own Tribute-Art. portfolio: tribute art

A work of art can be kept for one’s own enjoyment, or given as a gift. It is a unique and permanent celebration of a special event or person.  It is part of being human to mark milestones and transitions physically and symbolically.

I developed a passion for Tribute-Art as a consequence of caring for my brother Ged when he was terminally ill and we had lengthy discussions about what it meant to leave a legacy. Tribute art has provided a means of  transforming grief into art.