Testimonials from Tribute-Art Customers:

1. Kaylene Anderson: Thanks so much Tribute-Art for the painting and war history of Dad. I didn’t have a painting; photos yes, but not many. When I went through my albums of more than 60 years, I was quite shocked at how few I had. So this combined book and painting will certainly be displayed and admired by the family.

I am quite honoured that he is the first person you undertook with your new business. It has been an interesting process for the historian to delve extensively into his war history and there have been a few surprises. The finished product has been shared amongst family and friends and is a hard-copy of his war years to keep and treasure for posterity.

2. David Hickey: I have read through the entire story and find it both fascinating and quite emotional. It’s a beautiful publication. Congratulations and my grateful thanks for the book. I’m just sorry that Ian isn’t around to see what he started.

3. Marjorie Nees: I have very little information about my father’s family. I did not even know Dad ‘s brother was named David! Dad always called him George, not David. Thank you for bringing his story to life in such a beautiful way.

4. Geoff Piggott: you have done a fantastic job on our stories and presentation, I am floored it is so good.

5.Daphne Amos: I would like to thank you very much for the work you did to complete the book about my career. Many people have said “what a beautiful presentation”, others “what an interesting career”, “you have seen a lot of the world” the history was particularly interesting.