BOUNDLESS PLAINS: Creative conversations with Asylum Seekers

painting and digital work Kite Flying Boundless Plains 2014

“Kite Flying boundless plains” is a collaboration with Farman, an asylum seeker from Quetta. The men in the foreground are Farman and his cousin Sikandar who are flying kites in the hills above Quetta where they both grew up. Farman’s feet stand on a map of Australia with Manus Island and Christmas island highlighted. A map of Quetta is used in the kite to represent the family and country Farman has left behind. Pakistan and Australia both have boundless plains and both hold joy and pain.
Size 49x 49cm, framed digital print on canvas plus oil paint $200.00

painting for sale

is a visual representation of Troy Wong’s poem entitled “Monologue of a young girl detained on Manus Island” .
Size 49x49cm framed digital print on canvas plus oil paint. $200.00

boundless plains exhibition #boundlessplains2014

“Asylum Seekers Australia” 2007, This is an older work I made in 2007 representing detained asylum seekers and a navy boat. Sadly it is still as relevant today as it was then. 60cm H x 115cm W, Oil on canvas, framed

Boundless Plains invite

Boundless Plains: Creative Conversations with Asylum Seekers