Hidden sculpture walk 2013 finalist

 Hidden Sculpture Walk 2013

Installation work for Hidden sculpture walk at Rookwood Cemetery


I make art about people, place and narrative. Caring for my younger brother Ged until he died, in 2008, provoked interest in death, impermanence and the creation of memories and mementoes. I developed  “Tribute Art” which celebrates the life of a loved person or place.

I have created Tribute art-works to celebrate the lives of 12 people, which are printed directly onto wooden tombstones. Each image incorporates figures from old photographs and places them in a new context/place. Figures and landscapes are embellished with colour, texture, fabrics, drawings and objects that reference both the past and the present. Each tombstone has its own unique story.

Hidden sculpture walk: Tombstone artworks made for Hidden sculpture walk Rookwood Cemetery Sept 2013

Hidden sculpture walk: Tribute tombstones made for “Hidden sculpture walk” installation at Rookwood Cemetery