Memories exhibition: solo show gallery – August 2011


Memories Exhibition

My first solo show Memories exhibition  was held at Yuga Gallery, 172 John St , Glebe, NSW on August 2011.

Memories exhibition: Yuga Gallery Opening Night

Memories exhibition: Yuga Gallery Opening Night

I use photographs, both old and recent, as my reference point, sourcing much of my subject matter from family albums. The family photographs are both familiar and hauntingly transient.  I begin my process with a mono print (which is in effect a technique that is transient and “one of a kind”) and then select the parts I want to focus on using oil paints, often in a limited palette, to reinvent and create new meaning.

I  also developed a series of digital works based on tapestries and old black and white photographs from 1940’s Egypt. The tapestries are translated into landscapes and overlaid with figurative black and white photos which are then coloured. These works have then formed the basis of subsequent mono prints and paintings taking the process further and creating another form of transience for the artwork itself.

A trip to India in 2010 inspired me to develop a figurative body of work which provides a glimpse of individual people I met in India including, beggars, gypsies, villagers and city dwellers. The backdrop of India provided a vibrant mix of colour, lifestyle, poverty and rich culture.

First solo show “Memories” exhibition held at Yuga Gallery, 172 John St , Glebe, NSW. August 2011.