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Gallery:Tribute-Art: Milestones, Memories, Transitions

This Gallery: Tribute-Art is comprised of  images of tribute art works. I am interested in the depth of human emotion and in celebrating people and events. It is part of being human to mark milestones, memories and transitions physically and symbolically.

I can  facilitate other peoples’ art helping to produce artworks from “life stuff”. This maybe as simple as creating from momentos and other possessions a work which reminds one of a celebration such as a wedding, christening, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah, graduation or significant birthday.  A sort of scrap-booking but with an emphasis on creating a very personal attractive and engaging work of art .

Tribute-Art is an artistic response where I work with people who are terminally ill or those who are bereaved and want to celebrate the life of someone they love with a personalised work of art. I either help people individually or in groups to create a work of art using personal objects, photographs and memorabilia.

Or I can create a more traditional portrait painting if desired.

My aim is to help people celebrate in art parts of their lives which hold deep personal meaning and love. See also “Wrapping Up” celebrating a life. is a social network and a one-stop-site about the one experience all of us will go through. Whether you find yourself responsible for wrapping the life of someone who’s died, interested in planning for events after your own death or helping someone in their last years, you’re likely to find the information you need here.

Confronting death and grief can remind us to live and live well. Knowing that we are destined to die can motivate us to focus more on our everyday lives. “The way to value life, the way to feel compassion for others, the way to love anything with greatest depth is to be aware that these experiences are destined to be lost” (Yalom 2008, p.147). In fact the profound experiences of love and loss can affirm beauty and the joy of living.


Gallery: Tribute Art - book illustration Tribute used for the cover of biography "the Circle of Stones

Mary with Martin and Tribute painting used to illustrate biography “Circle of Stones” 2010

Tribute-Art Options

I will help you or a group of like-minded people to create a customised art image of a significant person, pet, place or event (digital/painting or both).

This can take the form of:

1. A memory box/ framed art work where significant personal objects are used as the basis for creating a collaborative work of art.

2. A digital work of art comprising photographs and significant objects with/without a painting element.

3. A painting in oil or acrylic of a person, scene or experience of your choice

4. A commission designed for a specific place or occasion